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ByeBuy the unique way to own the latest bits of gear...

ByeBuy is a unique service offering DJs and Producers a chance to play on the latest products but not having to fork out a ton of cash for the privilege.

Working on a lease basis, users can rent a piece of kit month by month at a very affordable price, no contractual tie-ins, no subscription. Just use, and send back whenever, or switch to another product. In addition to that the monthly payment can go towards buying the equipment outright.

The idea being that users get to try out the kit at a very low monthly price compared to what they would have to spend if they were buying it from a store. If they like it they can either keep renting it or buy it outright, a percentage of the monthly rental fee goes towards the final buyout price.

The guys at ByeBuy are updating their stock list on a weekly basis with the newest equipment to hit the shelfs, and they will even source a piece of kit for you if it can’t be found on the site, just drop them an email and they will do their best to satisfy your needs.

See how Byebuy works below: