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PC users can now have access to UA's range of fabulous plugins

Mac users have been living the hi-life when it comes to Universal Audio gear, especially with the DSP Accelerators that offers some pretty amazing software replications of some of the best studio hardware/outboard equipment to have ever been invented!

Last year Universal Audio broke that trend with the release of the USB version of their much loved Apollo Twin Studio Soundcard and brought the good times to PC users, and now they continue down this path with a USB version of their UAD–2 Satellite DSP Accelerator.

The UAD–2 takes the processing strain away from the computer and allows producers to load up far more instances of plugins in their production sessions, that would normally bring their computers to a halt.

Whoop whoop, the rich analog sound of UAD Powered Plug-Ins, will be available soon over USB 3 for Windows-based PCs.