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stpVestax is the new company that is bringing the legacy of the Vestax brand back to life.

Like a Phoenix arising from the ashes, another company that fell by the wayside is about to make a welcomed return. Vestax were once very popular when it came to their DJ mixers, controllers and DJ accessories. Their mixers where found in many DJ Booths worldwide but the demise of the company left a lot of DJs and fans at a loss.

However, that is all about to change with the creation of a new company stpVestax (stpVx), put together by original founder Hidesato Shiino joined by some of his original production team.

The premise, to rebuild a brand that was so integral to DJ Culture. Whilst there will be new products, this is a new venture and owners of previous Vestax equipment should note that the new company will not be servicing or releasing updates to the Vestax products that already exist in the market place.

stpVestax have released images of a new mixer that will be the first in a new range of products from the newly formed company, and from the images the new stpVx mixer certainly looks the part, with a hint of cool retro styling, no doubt it will deliver on the sound front as well.