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SuperStereo's SC78 soundcard will give you audiophile sound from your DJ set-up

Believe it!

Super Stero’s new SC78 soundcard provides audiophile playback for your DJ set-up.

DJs/producers looking for that something special in the sound department should take a look at the new SC78 USB Valve Audio Interface from Super Stereo. The four output soundcard offers DJs the chance to connect their gear and playback the audio in true audiophile quality.

What gives the SC78 its audio charm is the pair of valves that provide a silky warm analogue sound.

Twin analogue VU meters also give the interface a retro look, as well as the classy knobs and the optional wooden panelling. The SC78 borrows its vintage styling from Super Stereo’s DN78 Valve Rotary DJ Mixer which was a hit here at DJ Mag Tech.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.