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April Clare Welsh
12 April 2023, 11:18

World’s first biodegradable vinyl made using bacteria pressed by non-profit

The 14-track LP is being released by Bye Bye Plastic, the non-profit run by BLOND:ISH 

bye bye plastic

The world’s first biodegradable vinyl made using bacteria has been pressed by Bye Bye Plastic, the non-profit run by Canadian DJ and producer BLOND:ISH aka Vivie-ann Bakos.

Engineered using the naturally occurring bioplastic PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) — which decomposes in any environment, including the ocean — the 14-track vinyl compilation has been made in collaboration with the collective Evolution Music and 'green' pressing plant Deep Grooves. It will be released on BLOND:ISH's own ABRACADABRA label on 7th October.

The '#PlasticFreeParty' LP has been curated in partnership with Chambord and includes tracks from BLOND:ISH, Chambord, Shiba San & Millad, Vander & Deer Jade, Elif & Gespona, Theo Meier and more. An NFT collectible comprising BLOND:ISH's opening track 'Life is...' is also currently available.

The Bye Bye Plastic foundation launched in 2018 and is committed to removing single-use plastics from the music industry through various initiatives and campaigns.

To pre-order the vinyl for #PlasticFreeParty, pick up a copy from Bandcamp here and find out more via the Bye Bye Plastic website here. You can listen to the compilation below.

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