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Declan McGlynn
21 February 2024, 13:11

You can now produce music in VR using Apple’s Vision Pro headset

HitNMix is launching its innovative RipX DAW in a new format built specifically for Apple’s XR headset


US company HitNMix has announced a DAW built specifically for Apple’s long-awaited XR headset, Apple Vision Pro. You can see HitNMix’s RipX DAW in action on the video below.

RipX, on desktop, calls itself an AI DAW. It essentially uses features like stem separation and instrument modelling to allow users to change sounds and notes from within a fully mixed track. All audio is displayed as coloured blocks and can be moved around freely, even if you don’t have access to that track’s multi-tracks.

HitNMix’s Vision Pro equivalent takes that concept a step further, letting you visualise the arrangement in a 3D space, walking around and interacting with each section, melody and note. It will still be possible to sit down and interact with the DAW more traditionally, but the immersive angle adds another layer, which is a first for DAWs and XR. Whether RipX for Apple Vision Pro will catch on or is just a gimmick remains to be seen – the app is said to be coming soon.

Apple launched its long-awaited XR headset Apple Vision Pro earlier this month, with Algoriddim and Moog both having launched their own immersive music-making and DJing apps.

You can find out more about HitNMix’s Apple Vision Pro DAW on the company’s website, and watch the video below for more insight. 

Earlier this month, Moog launched their popular Animoog app for Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to affect the modulation by reaching out and grabbing aspects of the 3D space.