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Numark Virtual Vinyl Demo

Check out the video demo of Numark's VirtualVinyl by our good friends (scratch champ) JFB and (UK beatbox champ) Beardyman.

MicroMix Pilot Qualifiers

Here we have all the qualifying entries from our pilot session of the DJmag MicroMix competition.

Archos Gmini 402

Archos bring portable digital recording to the table, with a video camera and MP3 player thrown in, naturally.


Numark bring their experience to the burgeoning DVJ market – but is it enough?

DDX4000 Usb

Cutting edge features at affordable prices, it's got to be Kam hasn't it...

TL Audio

Cut price in-ear phones don't quite cut it.

Terratec Komplexer

From simple to complex sounds, Terratec's smart new soft synth delivers the goods.

Korg Kaoss Pad 3

The new Kaoss Pad 3 has landed – with impact. We check it out and report from the frontline with Product.01.

Tube MP

The original Tube MP preamp proved itself as the most popular external preamp in the world, is the new arrival a worthy follow-up?

DJmag MicroMix

DJmag are throwing all other mix competitions to the dogs as we launch the most exciting worldwide digital DJ battle in history.