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iCDX Numark

Numark kick off the New Year by introducing their most versatile deck to date.

Faderfox Midi Controllers

Faderfox stand out in the sea of generic Midi controllers with their tailor-made range of compact micro modules.

Ecler AC.6

Ecler is a classic brand name but is this a classic mixer?

M-Audio IE Earphones

If watching the movie 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' left you with a touch of paranoia about tinnitus/hearing loss, then a set of M-Audio's new IE earphones could be worth checking out...

Numark AVM02

Numark steal the show again with the fi rst accomplished audiovisual DJ mixer. But does it tick all the boxes?

Archos Gmini 402

Archos bring portable digital recording to the table, with a video camera and MP3 player thrown in, naturally.

DDX4000 Usb

Cutting edge features at affordable prices, it's got to be Kam hasn't it...

TL Audio

Cut price in-ear phones don't quite cut it.

Bison EKS XP10

New Bison software from EKS has hiked up the features and users can now use the XP10 with virtually any software too.

Korg Mini-KP

Small is beautiful as Korg extend the Kaoss Pad line with their latest cute-as-a-button effects processor...

Akai MPD24

Is this the best controller on the market for punching in drums?

Reloop RMP-2

It's as big as any of the CDJs, but does this MP3/ CD player have the style to run with them?

Denon DN-HD2500

The flexibility of computer mixing in a hardware platform? It had to be Denon...

Behringer BCD3000

Behringer favour Traktor 3 for their Midi controller and add Mac support.

Allen & Heath Xone:S2

A&H's new mixer is aimed squarely at installers and pro mobile DJs, but has it lost the fun?