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The Strong Survive

Most USB thumb drives are built like a Kinder Egg toy - a bit fragile. Don't be let down and splash some cash for the Flash Survivor.

Spring Cleaning

Get the clarity you deserve, make friends and influence people with these new cleansing plug-ins.


Vestax mixers can now be USB-linked to your PC with this new component.

Remote Viewing

A new remote control AV dock for your video iPod. Handy.

Last Call!

The UK's biggest dance music show is just around the corner with shedloads of confirmed attractions...

DVJ Ivories

A modern-day Liberace might bag himself one of these...

Numark Virtual Vinyl Demo

Check out the video demo of Numark's VirtualVinyl by our good friends (scratch champ) JFB and (UK beatbox champ) Beardyman.

MicroMix Pilot Qualifiers

Here we have all the qualifying entries from our pilot session of the DJmag MicroMix competition.