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Resolume 2

Resolume is a versatile application suited to beginners and professionals, with unlimited effect plugins, sensible organisation and is loads of fun to play with.

Red Sound SoundBITE XL

The best looping sampler there is, this unit can take up to six loops and play them perfectly in synch. Also pitches to the BPM and nudges help beatmatching.

Numark DXM-09

A three-channel mixer with great effects that can add some controlled flare to your mix. The sound quality is pretty good for the price and it features digital faders.

Camart VJamm 3

The only proper AV solution comes from Camart. VJamm 3 allows DJs to synchronise video clips with BPM and play clips just like a sampler. Coldcut's favourite!

Pioneer HDJ-1000

Clear undistorted 3500mW/50mm drivers, mono switch, replaceable parts and a tight fit. A good choice but at quite a price.

Gemini PS-04

A good starting point for effects on a budget. Plenty of connections, decent sound quality and some interesting effects.

Ableton Live 5

Ableton Live 5 has an intuitive and fun interface with serious sound manipulation power for DJs and live electronic performers. Produce and DJ with one application.

Kam DMX Lightshow

Great value for a 'ready to go' lighting kit. Expandable controller to manipulate up to nine DMX lights. Comes with two moving heads, a Gobo effect and a DMX controller.

Reloop RMX40 DSP

A great budget club mixer with surprisingly good build quality. The effects synchronise well and there are plenty of channels and connections.

Hercules DJ Console Mk2

The DJ Console Mk2 is great value for money with software and a hardware controller. The interface has a soundcard and features MIDI control for use with other software.

Shure Whitelabel

Winner of a DJmag Tech Award in 2004 and 2005, this top of the range DJ cartridge is like the Rolls Royce of DJing. With a wide needle viewing area and crisp audio.

Martin Xciter

Great value for a 'ready to go' lighting kit. Expandable controller to manipulate up to nine DMX lights. Comes with two moving heads, a Gobo effect and a DMX controller.

A&H Xone:32

Sound like Daft Punk with the 32's cool filters, and at a decent price. Has nice spacious layout, great sound and level meters on each channel. But suffers from weird gain location.

Traktor DJ Studio 3

Traktor DJ Studio 3 has four virtual decks, integrates with Stanton FinalScratch2 and has modelled A&H filters and EQ on mixers including the A&H Xone:92. Seriously advanced!

Ortofon Concorde Elektro

The electro has been specifically designed for mixing techno music, and delivers a high output with crisp high frequencies and deep pounding bass.

Martin Magnum 550

One of the most cost effective smoke machines on the market, the Magnum 550 has cool features for mobile jocks and small bars and clubs.

Ecler Nuo-3

Advanced controls make this mixer a great option for many different DJs. Send and return channels, advanced fader control, reliable build and good sound quality.

Pioneer DJS

Pioneer's DJS software has all the most popular features from their professional DJ hardware range so is familiar and easy to use.

Gemini MPX-3

A budget MP3 performer for mobile jocks, this player has looping, MP3 text support, folder browsing. Only problem we found was a 'gap' in MP3 looping.

Martin Mania EFX-500

The EFX-500 is an extension of the Martin Acrobat design with a moving mirror cylinder holding 18 little flat mirrors all the way around. It creates wide effect.