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Above & Beyond
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Questions Top100 DJs 2007 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:27

Quality electronic dance music
Best known for: 
Our Tri-State album and our award-winning Radio 1 Essential Mix.
Tune of the year: 
Super8 & Tab 'Suru' and the Martin Roth remixes. Genius.
Producer of 2007: 
Nic Chagall and Cosmic Gate - welcome back!
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2007: 
Clive Rudloe
Your musical inspiration: 
People singing with their eyes closed.
Best festival on the planet: 
Electric Daisy Carnival takes some beating, 30,000 people in LA's Olympic Coliseum.
Best bit of kit: 
Dave Smith's new Prophet Analogue Synth, which sounds amazing compared to current soft synths.
What tune makes you cry: 
Sibelius 'Finlandia'
Naughtiest thing you've done this year: 
Erm, groupie-related shenanigans. We'll leave it there, shall we…

Above & Beyond's vault from innovative trance trio to globe-trotting DJ superstars is now complete. As we catch Paavo, Tony and Jono, they're grabbing some rare communal downtime in London before jetting off across the States to for a hectic nine days with gigs in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
"We've just got back from two weeks in South America," says Tony. "We did seven gigs in two weeks. We were zipping around so much my bank put my card on hold because there was so much suspicious activity on it!"

Just over three years ago, Above & Beyond were playing to barely 100 people in a grotty Vauxhall rail archway. Now when they transport their soaring symphonies to the furthest reaches of South America they're greeted by thousands of ravers communally celebrating their music.
"When we played 'Good For Me' in Buenos Aires last week people actually sat down in the breakdown," remarks Jono.
"People did it spontaneously the first time we played," explains Tony. "And now whenever that record is played everyone sits down and sort of blisses out - it's a bit of a lighter in the air moment."

Gracing the stage of the LA Coliseum at the Electric Daisy Carnival was another highlight with their near-fortnightly residency at Cream's Amnesia keeping them connected with their euphoric pulse of the Ibizan season.
"It's hard to beat the atmosphere in that place," remarks Paavo on Amnesia. "It's an international crowd, everyone is so up for it and the reaction we get is phenomenal."

On the music front, their scene leading Anjunabeats label was equally exploratory of uncharted territories with the diverse sound of their slower Anjunadeep imprint label finding favour with DJs as diverse as James Zabiela, Paolo Mojo and Desyn Masiello.
"It's really developed to become the jewel in our crown in many ways," admits Jono.
"These days, the records getting the biggest responses are often the more innovative ones that have either an electro edge or something a little bit quirky about them."
Proving the depth and wealth of their label's more laidback, groove-soaked produce, the trio expanded the fifth volume of their Anjunabeats mix series to cover two CDs - the first a lulling blend of lush aquatic progressive, melody soaked electro and deep euphoric trance; the second a high-octane rollercoaster of epic soaring trance peaks and tech-rattled tunnels.
"I think for the first time our Anjuna CDs reflects the kind of diversity that has always existed within our longer sets," surmises Tony. "From the beginning, we've always played across the board - from house and progressive to tech and trance."
Whatever label bracket their sound is tagged in, one thing can never be in dispute – its sheer depth and unrivalled quality. Or its popularity for that matter.
"We want to be popular," admits Jono. "But without ever letting that quality control slip."

The end of the year will see the trio celebrate their 100th release on Anjunabeats: the label holds the enviable distinction of making profit on every single vinyl release to date.
"We've still no intention of a purely digital label," extends Jono. "I know it's the future but there's still a feeling that releasing a record digitally says, 'We don't quite believe in this release, we wouldn't take a risk on it.'"
"We've asked all our artists to pick their favourite Anjuna tracks and remix them especially for the release," explains Paavo. "The best four will come out on the vinyl and then we'll do a CD single with all of the remixes available."

Then there's the small matter of a double CD compendium of classic Anjuna moments and a celebratory party on Goa's lush Anjuna Beach - the very locale that inspired the label's name - with a few of their friends. Well, 20,000 punters and MTV India to be more specific.