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Kyau & Albert
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Questions Top100 DJs 2007 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:19

Best known for: 
DJing and running our label Euphonic.
Tune of the year: 
Ronski Speed vs Rex Mundi 'The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mash-up)'
Producer of 2007: 
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2007: 
Stoneface & Terminal
Your musical inspiration: 
<B>Steven: </B> Faithless <B>Ralph: </B> Mijk van Dijk
Best festival on the planet: 
Loveparade, Germany
Best bit of kit: 
Cubase on PC. It's got the best sequencer software and computer platform.
What tune makes you cry: 
'Boys Don't Cry'
Naughtiest thing you've done this year: 
We are prototypes of un-naughtiness! We'd love to be, but who's got the time?

Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert entered our Top 100 DJs poll for the first time last year. Here they are back again, to prove that it was no trick of the light. "After the release of our second artist album, 'Worldvibe', last winter, we decided that we'd concentrate a large part of 2007 on celebrating the 10th year of our label, Euphonic," says Ralph. "And that's exactly what we've done! We put out the 'Euphonic: 10 Year Anniversary' compilation CD in May, mixed by ourselves and Ronski Speed.
"Since then we've been touring here, there and everywhere to promote it, and there's no pause until November."

"I'll never grow tired of New Zealand," Steven enthuses, thinking back to his gigs of the year. "Great clubs, amazing landscapes and laidback people - it's got the lot!" "We played in Argentina for the first time earlier this year too," adds Ralph. "The crowd there totally lifted the roof off!"

The nascent neo-trance movement is something Kyau & Albert have been closely identified with in 2007. "The general idea is that its trance with influences of tech-house, merging the high-end minimal grooves with the emotional aspects of trance," says Ralph. "We personally try to keep a few uplifting moments in the arrangement too. In a nutshell, making minimal interesting and, finally, musical."