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DJ Hype
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Questions Top100 DJs 2008 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:20

True style drum & bass and jungle.
Best known for: 
Being one of the best drum & bass DJs in the world.
Tune of the year: 
Hazard 'Machete' (Real Playaz)
Producer of 2008: 
First record you ever brought: 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions 'Oliver's Army'
Weirdest thing you've seen all year: 
A white dude blacked up with boot polish, wearing a red, gold and green woolly hat with a gun in his hand at Global Gathering, in the Ukraine.
Top gadget of 2008: 
My car.
Your year in five words...: 
It doesn't get any better.
Most important thing you've learnt recently: 
That the government in this country is absolute shit.

When Hype played before Brooklyn house architect Frankie Bones in the Big Apple, he might have had the crowd jumping but he wasn't expecting Bones to grab the mic and deliver a speech in his honour. "He just started talking about coming to England in '91 and seeing me play," Hype tells DJmag. "He's one of the original pioneers so just the fact that he knew who I was left me really proud." One of the few original junglists to tough out the distance, Hype is a pioneer in his own right. Eighteen years since laying down the bleep hardcore classic 'The Bee' as The Scientist (with Phivos Sebastiane), he's still giving out the jungle funk at rammed global venues and presiding over the six labels and many artists of his close-knit Real Playaz family. "I've outlasted the Spice Girls, Take That… I'm still fuckin' here - the one-man junglist boy band," he jokes. Rocking 5000 plus crowds in Russia, the States and Japan, he certainly leads the life of one. His weekly Kiss FM show is in its 14th year now, whilst his Drum & Bass Arena CD shifted over 50,000 copies this year. "The only two things missing in my career are having my own soundsystem and bringing that round the country, and production," he tell us. "Apart from that, I'm happier than I've ever been, which is quite weird for me, I'm usually moaning about something."