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Infected Mushroom
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Questions Top100 DJs 2008 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:25

Heavy metal influenced psychedelic trance.
Best known for: 
Bringing psy-trance to the biggest live stages and releasing albums like 'The Gathering', 'Classical Mushroom', 'Converting Vegetarians', 'I'm The Supervisor' and 'Vicious Delicious'.
Tune of the year: 
E: Delirious 'Silver Sky (Astrix Remix)' D: Electric Tease 'TV Is The New God (Sub 6 Remix)'
Producer of 2008: 
First record you ever brought: 
E: Something by Dire Straits D: Pink Floyd 'Dark Side Of The Moon'
Weirdest thing you've seen all year: 
E: My baby's umbilical chord being cut. D: An espresso bar in the middle of a forest in Canada.
Top gadget of 2008: 
Blackberry Bold
Your year in five words...: 
Can we do one? Intense!
Most important thing you've learnt recently: 
E: How to change diapers! D: To spend more time at home.

Infected Mushroom's raging alchemy of psy-trance beats, heavy metal guitars and stadium rock vocals isn't everyone's blend but there's no denying the power that their vast armies of global fans can wield. Busting into the Top 10 for the second year on the spin, the L.A.-living duo of Erez Eizen and Amit 'Duvdev' Duvdevani again show a strong presence in the Top 100 DJs list - despite being able to count their 2008 DJ gigs on one hand. 'It's surreal for us, we cannot hide that,' admits the humble Erez. 'But it's cool, if people want to vote they can and we're happy they all show their support.' A lack of DJ gigs isn't to say Infected have been short on performances though. Arguably the hardest touring outfit in the Top 100, Infected's relentless live gigging schedule has again maintained the breath-taking rate of a show every three days, with nearly 130 shows in locations as varied as Brazil, Belgium, China, Serbia, Singapore and Sweden. 'It's been our busiest year yet,' remarks Duvdev. 'We've almost never been home.' When they have been in their adopted homeland they've certainly made their mark. With 30 US gigs ranging from headline sets at California's 25,000 mega-rave Nocturnal Wonderland to 3000-strong desert festivals to electric club sets at L.A.'s Vanguard, the duo finally feel they're achieving their long-term aim of cracking the Stateside market. 'This year the big surprise for us has been America,' explains Erez. 'We always thought the US was a little behind in terms of psy-trance but we were really, really wrong and gigs are getting busier and busier for us in the States. They absolutely love it.' This year also heralded the debut of Infected Mushroom on the hedonistic island of Ibiza with two sell-out shows at San Antonio's rejuvenated superclub - Eden. 'When I was last in Ibiza it was 10 or 11 years ago as a clubber,' remembers Duvdev. 'There were still trance parties outdoors back then so it was a different Ibiza I saw, but the atmosphere we created was unbelievable - a real Infected Mushroom vibe.' As proudly prolific in the studio as they are on the road, Infected continue to balance their non-stop touring with an equally relentless discography. Since their underground breakthrough 'The Gathering' in 1999, the duo have maintained a rate of one artist album every two years and they aren't about to surrender their ratio now. 'Our new album is pretty much finished although we keep going back to it and tweaking things because we're fucked up like that,' explains Erez. 'There's a breakbeat track, which is a bit like The Prodigy meets System Of A Down meets early Chemical Brothers, but there's also classic psy-trance styled stuff like our new one, 'End Of The Road', which is a really fucked up and twisted track.' 'It's the next step on from 'Vicious Delicious' two years ago and more extreme in all senses,' continues Duvdev. 'It's even more heavy metal sounding but more psychedelic at the same time too. We've really come up with our biggest sound yet.' With first single 'Saeed' already being touted for radio play in the US and a collaboration with iconic Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Slash also mooted, the Infected duo make no apologies for the fact that they are desperate to break the biggest stage possible. And by signing the album to Paul Oakenfold's legendary Perfecto label they now feel they've got the best platform from which to do so. 'Paul's a really cool guy and we clicked from the off,' explains Erez. 'We have just worked on a remix for his next album and have been meeting up a lot in the studio and chatting. It's a good relationship to be part of. We're happy we know him.'