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Joachim Garraud
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Questions Top100 DJs 2008 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:22

Electro techno
Best known for: 
Live performance mixing between keyboard and CDs.
Tune of the year: 
Joachim Garraud 'The Rock' (Gum Prod)
Producer of 2008: 
Fedde le Grand
First record you ever brought: 
Herbie Hancock 'Rockit'
Weirdest thing you've seen all year: 
My gig in the middle of the desert during the Burning Man festival.
Top gadget of 2008: 
Your year in five words...: 
Spaceship, invasion, solo, album, live.
Most important thing you've learnt recently: 
We are not alone!

F**k Me I'm Famous! Something that's certainly true for David Guetta, but the French superstar's co-producer and fellow label owner is a much less familiar face in the limelight. Which, as Joachim Garraud explains, is just the way he wants it. "I decided to be more of a producer and engineer so I could work on lots of different projects," he says. "I write a lot of classical film scores as well, and I didn't want what I do with David to become everything I did." It's not just Guetta who's picked Garraud's studio brains either, for the Parisian DJ and producer has also worked with Daft Punk, Justice and Kylie Minogue. Not that he always gives his best ideas away, as this year saw his debut artist album 'Invasion', whose marketing was almost as innovative as the techno club tracks on the CD. "People can go on my website and select the tracks they want and personalise the artwork so every copy is unique," he explains. He's also a mean DJ in his own right, the only European to have played at the Burning Man festival in Nevada every year, with a number of massive gigs in Ibiza, at the Berlin Love Parade and its French equivalent Techno Parade under his belt. And next year should see his solo profile climb even higher as his 'Invasion' tour lands in cities across the world, complete with a customised metallic flying saucer in the DJ booth. "I love sci-fi stuff because techno is the music of the future," Joachim enthuses. "It has no religion, sex or colour and making everybody smile is universal."