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Solar System
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Questions Top100 DJs 2008 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:20

Electronica and trance.
Best known for: 
Solar System
Tune of the year: 
Above & Beyond feat. Oceanlab 'Miracle' (Anjunabeats)
Producer of 2008: 
Infected Mushroom
First record you ever brought: 
The first one I bought was by Guns 'n' Roses.
Weirdest thing you've seen all year: 
During my live act one girl screamed,
Top gadget of 2008: 
The Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3
Your year in five words...: 
Creative, spiritual, enjoyable, hard work.
Most important thing you've learnt recently: 
That patience is worthwhile.

Although he follows in a long line of Israeli trancers, Lior Lahav isn't a typical psy producer. Working under his own name, Lahav also produces house and is keen to be known in these circles as well. "This year was really good because I have done lots of tracks and I was inspired by a lot of trance and house. That's why I chose to have two projects, to express myself in both sides for the listener. I started my house project under my own name and I also set up Sonesta, a new label," he explains. Given his rising profile, it's no surprise that he "played a lot around the world", this year and cites his tours of South America and Europe as being "amazing". He adds: "Every year it gets busier and I have played in places I had only dreamt about," he adds. While Lahav has embraced new technology and believes that it helps him to improve his production standards, there is one special ingredient that he always tries to bring to his work. "There is no other greater influence than my emotions," he explains. "I use my emotions in my music, so it always has a new story with a new meaning." Expect to hear more emotion-drenched tracks soon as Lahav plans to release two albums, 'Private Selection' and 'It Must Be The Music' over the coming months.