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Astral Projection
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Questions Top100 DJs 2009 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:26

Best known for: 
Being purveyors of top-notch trance since 1993.
Tune of the year: 
Our remix of Jean Michel Jarre's 'Oxygene'. We had the best time in the world making it.
Gig of 2009: 
Aurora Festival in Greece in August. A killer festival right on the beach.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: 
This might sound strange, but Danny Tenaglia - his set in Israel recently was beautiful in its diversity.
The track that changed your life: 
The Neon Judgement's 'Concrete' from 1981, because it first got us into electronic music.
What makes a good DJ great: 
Good ears, good taste and the ability and willingness to adapt when needs be.
Most underrated DJ: 
Don't know.
Biggest challenge this year: 
Figuring out where this market is going and restructuring the label.
Top tech toy: 
Cubase 5 and Logic 9.

Astral Projection (Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter) are Israel's foremost electronic group, in existence since 1993, although Nissim and Perlmutter have been crafting their own take on dance music together for longer than that. As with most people involved in the dance music industry, 2009 has not been without its many trials and tribulations for Astral Projection, but all-in-all it's been a good year for the duo from Tel Aviv. "There's been a lot of restructuring this year," Avi concedes, "and that's taken us away from the music for longer than we would have liked. We're still trying to work out where everything is going – it seems to change every four to six months!" However, the good news is that Astral Projection's much-delayed 10th album, 'Open Society', is finally in the last stages of production. There are still some legal issues to iron out - the suspected reason why the album has been continually put back - but the end is in sight. "We're very happy with the musical direction of the album," says Avi. "This year has been liberating, what with ridding ourselves of a not-so-good record company, so we're really excited about its release next year."