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Menno De Jong
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Questions Top100 DJs 2009 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:25

Trance in the broadest sense.
Best known for: 
Intuition radio show.
Tune of the year: 
Rank One 'Let There Be Light' (LED)
Gig of 2009: 
Global Gathering in Belarus, Minsk.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: 
Jerome Isma-ae
The track that changed your life: 
Jam & Spoon's 'Stella' really inspired me.
What makes a good DJ great: 
Passion bordering on obsession for dance music. It has to be the biggest thing in your life.
Most underrated DJ: 
A Dutch house DJ called Roog I saw last weekend who blew me away.
Biggest challenge this year: 
Organising everything I do and finding balance. It's only just happened.
Top tech toy: 
I hope it'll be the CDJ-2000. I can't wait to start using it.

Following in the footsteps of his chart-topping countrymen, Dutch DJ Menno De Jong continued to spread the trance gospel this year, and a summer as worldwide resident for both Global Gathering and GodsKitchen gave him a taste of playing regularly to festival-sized crowds. "I really enjoyed doing that," he recalls. He's clearly not a DJ who lacks endurance either. After last year's Top 100 party, De Jong played an eight-hour set to a packed crowd in an old factory in Amsterdam. "We put up a lead wall, lasers and all sorts. It blew me away. The vibe was really good and people were just there for the music. The most amazing feat was that I didn't go to the toilet once!" A remix for Vandit and collaboration with Leon Bolier - 'Last Night Tonight' - has kept things boiling on the production front, while the end of the year sees the release of a new mix album, 'Intuition Sessions Vol.2', featuring three or four new tracks. Meanwhile, his Intuition radio show continues to draw hundreds of thousands of listeners.