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Questions Top100 DJs 2009 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:28

Techno trance, progressive and deep minimal.
Best known for: 
Mixing and merging different sounds.
Tune of the year: 
Moonbeam 'Lacula' (Avanti)
Gig of 2009: 
Playing with Tiësto in Kiev, Ukraine, in front of 15,000 people.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: 
Marcus Schossow
The track that changed your life: 
Anything by Röyskopp, Massive Attack or Björk.
What makes a good DJ great: 
Reacting to the crowd and giving a proper performance.
Most underrated DJ: 
Trentemøller or Agoria.
Biggest challenge this year: 
Playing alongside Tiësto.
Top tech toy: 
Alesis Control Pad

Their name might sound like some pony psy-trance act from the trippy hippy atrocities of the mid-'90s, but Russian duo Moonbeam are well deserving of their debut landing in this year's Top 100. Plying their trade and building their diverse sound since 2003, the two brothers - Pavel and Vitaly Khavleev - have been responsible for countless deep, melodic and atmospheric techno EPs on respected German label Traum Schallplatten, as well as progressive styled cuts on labels like Proton and more epic trance moments on Armin's Armada. Garnering respect and playlisting from DJs as varied as DJ Hell, Judge Jules, John Digweed, Paul van Dyk, Jimmy Van M, Sharam and Tiësto over the years, Moonbeam have got their production sound locked - whatever sound they turn to. "Our favourite dance music artists are people like Röyksopp and Zoot Woman, and the latest Oliver Koletzki album impressed me," explains Pavel on their inspirations. "We don't listen so much to trance or techno. As for our main inspirations, they are often far from dance styles. I like Thom Yorke, Massive Attack, Björk, because this music has no limits, no borders. It inspires you to make experiments with your own music." Few boundaries seem to have been set on the Moonbeam brothers' DJ escapades with sets in France, Italy, India, Amsterdam, Toyko and almost weekly appearances in their native Russia. For Moonbeam it seems the sky is the limit right now, but maybe have a little rethink on the name boys?