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Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Jon Dommett - 2016-10-17 11:06

DJ style: “Hard-hitting, raw electro.”
Best known for: “WOLV Records.”
What’s the next new big track? “Apashe is about to drop his new album on Kannibalen Records. Its lead track ‘Fuck Boy’ is fire!”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2016: “Goja.”

Dyro has been one of the key younger players in the EDM scene the past few years, a hotshot taken under the wing of Hardwell, who released Dyro’s debut EP on his Revealed Recordings imprint in 2011. Hardwell  also took him on tour around the world at this time, which pegged him as one of the next-gen EDM producers as the sound exploded worldwide. 

However, lately it’s been Dyro’s own WOLV Records label — launched in 2014 — that’s cemented his rep as a main stage dark horse, allowing him to indulge the darker, more experimental side of his productions. It’s a path that reached its zenith in 2016 with the release of his ‘Set Me Free’ EP, which saw him unleashing a particularly rough and gritty collection of records, primed for the edgier direction that main stage EDM finally steered towards over the summer. 

His WOLV endeavours have also allowed Dyro to nurture his own young posse of talent, showcasing the upcoming sounds of producer padawans like Loopers, Goja, Awoltalk, D.O.D, NDS and Conro. He’s kept a steady presence on the festival and club circuit this year, though Dyro says the studio is where it’s at for him at the moment, and to expect big things soon. 

What have been the new frontiers for you this year?
“All of the WOLV guys — Loopers, Awoltalk, Sam Lamar and everyone that’s released with us this year, they’re standing out from the crowd and just killing it.”

Is electronic music taken seriously enough as an art form?
“Yes it is, but some artists are more serious than others.”

What’s the best new bit of DJ/production technology, and why?
“I’ve got so many new plug-ins that boost my work that I’d have to straight up say FL Studio 12 — it’s just such a great foundation to work with.”

If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?
“I do make a lot of trap-influenced music, though I’d go deep into some hardstyle dubstep.”

As a fan, what is the top price you would pay to see yourself DJ?
“A couple hundred for a big festival if one of my heroes was playing.”

What can be done to prevent drug-related deaths at dance music events?
“Open up the conversation, and educate the ravers.”

How can we increase diversity in dance music?
“By being diverse ourselves and welcoming new talents — it’s what makes music exciting.”