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Fedde Le Grand
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Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Euan McGraw - 2016-10-17 10:35

Fedde Le Grand is no stranger to the DJ Mag Top 100, and he makes a consecutive appearance this year in his usual, upbeat way. Much like his music, Fedde’s always full of smiles — and for good reason. 2016 saw the realisation of his own grandiose, stadium-sized show, aptly titled GRAND, as well as his album ‘Something Real’, among the most exploratory of his work thus far.

The Dutch DJ has come a long way since his seminal, 2006 electro track ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ earned him the unofficial title 'Saviour Of House', and his resume continues to tell the story: Fedde’s Dark Light Sessions radio show draws millions of listeners every week and Fedde continues to bring his electrifying sets to the biggest festival stages in the world, from Tomorrowland to Coachella. What’s next remains to be seen, but he did tell us that if he had to switch his style to another genre, it’d be techno. Berghain, watch out…? 

What have been the new frontiers for you this year? “Breaking through some musical boundaries with my new album 'Something Real' and of course, the realisation of my own stadium-sized show, GRAND, earlier this year in Amsterdam.”

Is electronic music taken seriously enough as an art-form? “Not sure if there's one answer here… I think it depends per country and lifecycle the music is in.”

What’s the best new bit of DJ/production technology, and why? “The new sampler from Pioneer. That thing is going to give live performance so much more fun.”

If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be? “Techno.”

As a fan, what is the top price you would pay to see yourself DJ? “You can't put a price on good music.”

What can be done to prevent drug-related deaths at dance music events? “I think it's all about education, both prevention as well as regulation. In the Netherlands there are places where you can get your drugs tested — if you can't stop it, at least make sure people use safely, I say…”

How can we increase diversity in dance music? “I think that mainly starts with the programming of the big festivals, while to be honest, I think it's a trend that's ongoingly increasing already.”