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Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Euan McGraw - 2016-10-17 10:16

The adventure appears never-ending for Aussie sisters Mim and Liv, aka NERVO. They’re back in the Top 100 yet again this year, thanks to a cadre of loyal fans that continues to grow with every release and tour-stop. After all, their schedule includes over 200 live shows across the globe each year — plenty of opportunity for pretty much anyone, anywhere to catch their electrifying act in person.

Following on from last year’s success of their chart-topping album ‘Collateral’ (it reached the No.1 slot on iTunes), NERVO keep on delivering the goods with club hit after club hit. In case you’ve been living under a rock, their songwriting for ‘When Love Takes Over’ with David Guetta and Kelly Rowland earned them a Grammy Award back in 2012, and it’s all been uphill from there.

2016 has seen them continue their residencies at Ushuaia Ibiza and Omnia Las Vegas, hit the main stage at some of the world’s biggest festivals (EDC, Creamfields, Tomorrowland), and release a slew of new chart-toppers — like their latest on Big Beat, ‘People Grinnin’ feat. The Child Of Lov, and remix packages for hits like ‘Let It Go’ with Nicky Romero and ‘Bulletproof’ feat. Harrison Miya. ERIN OR DANI

What have been the new frontiers for you this year?

“If you mean which artists are releasing great music, we would say… The Chainsmokers, Martin Solvieg, Galantis, Major Lazer, Don Diablo, KUNGS, Cheat Codes and the other artists mentioned above.”

Is electronic music taken seriously enough as an art-form?

“We hope so. We definitely take it seriously. There are so many genres and art-forms within electronic music which makes it extremely diverse and exciting.”

What’s the best new bit of DJ/production technology, and why?

“Exhale by Output is great for chopping vocals and making them more interesting. Substance also by Output is good for bass. As far as DJ technology, have you seen the new Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1 + DJM-TOUR1 touring set-up? It’s pretty cool!”

If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

“We started our career as pop writers, so it would probably be ‘easiest’ to go back to pop. Having said that, ever since we stepped out from behind the scenes as pop writers/producers, we have become addicted to the energy of big room dance music. We originally fell in love with dance music through house. From happy handbag house, to tech-house, to deep house. We predominately get booked for a typical NERVO set, which is great (!) because we get to play all of our own records but we also like to sometimes play a tech-house set and change things up a little like we did at Creamfields for Smirnoff.”

As a fan, what is the top price you would pay to see yourself DJ?

“It would be great if we could let all our fans in for free, but there’s a lot that goes into the production of putting a show on so unfortunately that’s not possible. We work hard at keeping our door prices down where we can control them — even if it means we take a cut on our fee.”

What can be done to prevent drug-related deaths at dance music events?

“We think too much emphasis is put on drug-related deaths at dance music events, but really it is more of a global issue and a society problem.”

How can we increase diversity in dance music?

“That’s an interesting question because we happen to believe that dance music is very diverse. It is diverse in sound and in culture. It would be great to see more women producers/DJ out there and we think that is already happening.”