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Steve Angello
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Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Euan McGraw - 2016-10-14 14:24

After disbanding the Swedish House Mafia and going solo, Steve Angello has been too busy trying to save the world to answer his Top 100 questions this year, it appears.

At least that's what he suggested in a recent tweet. “For next year can we please use our voices to change the world rather than ask people to vote for a magazine hot list,” he quipped (without a question mark).

OK, so, DJ Mag would — not for one second — deny the sorry state of the world today, and, believe us, Steve, we share your despair and disdain at a world where Donald Trump could be considered the next leader of the so-called free and democratic world. Or, here in the UK, where 1% of the richest own as much as the poorest 55% of the population, for example. But, what we would ask, however, is: 'What on Earth does our DJ poll have to do with it?'

Indeed, the dance music world is now huge, correct, and a unified voice could do a lot to affect opinion and make a difference, but accusing the Top 100 poll of somehow interrupting or detracting from that sorta pursuit kinda misses the point — don't you think? Dance music is about escaping the bleak, darkness of the world, after all.

Anyway, as you've guessed, Angello — for the first time ever — ignored us when we asked him about the Top 100 this year... but what we can tell you is that since last year he's managed to put out a monster pop/EDM crossover hit featuring Aussie electroclash band The Presets ('Remember'), released album 'Wild Youth' on his Size imprint and toured all over the globe — all while trying to save the world. What a guy! ADAM SAVILLE