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Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Becca Antoon - 2018-10-10 14:14

From: Paris, France
DJ style: Future house

By now it is well known that Tchami was a key player in developing the future house sound. This year he continued to develop the genre, with an extra focus on heavy basslines. His ‘No Redemption’ EP with Malaa included blockbuster tracks ‘Summer 99’, ‘Kurupt’ and ‘The Sermon’, as well as a new track, ‘Deus’, and a cinematic ‘No Redemption Intro’.

It was a standout release and the pair also played back-to-back at places like Tomorrowland this year. There has been some discussion about who Malaa actually is, with people even suggesting it was a hologram or Tchami himself in disguise, but he has said on camera that’s certainly not the case.

“I try to be myself,” he said earlier this year. “As corny as that may sound. I think the whole point of this is to be authentic and to be true to who you are. From Malaa’s perspective, he’s completely true to himself. Even though he wears a mask, he is still true to his personality.”

Tchami is currently on his Confession tour around the United States and played huge events like Ultra during Miami Music Week in March and EDC Mexico in February.