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Beta Nightclub

IT is easy being green at Beta. Its code to reduce, recycle and reuse by using sustainable materials allows clubbers to commit whatever hedonistic obscenities they please with their environmental conscience still intact. Unlike most clubs, Beta is not a place you worry about stepping on sticky empty cups or beer bottles thanks to the club's hyperactive recycling program, which ensures recycling centres are at each major traffic point in the venue. Feeding off Denver's tree-hugging mentality (just check out the city's eco-friendly airport), the venue is also opening up a botanical garden on the club's 5000sqft outdoor patio this May, where clubbers can rest on cabanas or venture into the tall hedges to stare in bug-eyed wonder at the many tropical flowers while in the midst of a session. And it doesn't stop there. This Feng Shui practising venue has been designed with harmonious spirituality in mind, which means clubbers can wig out to the likes of David Guetta and Deadmau5 while inspired by Beta's chi vibe.