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Yalta Club

FOR many Bulgarians, Yalta Club is where it all started. Opening 20 years ago, it is considered by many as the first ever club to experiment with electronic music for ushering in Bulgaria's acid house reign during the early '90s. Since, it has established itself as a dependable hub for all things electronic, with a particular fascination with trance and commercial house. Aside from big-name bookings, it's Yalta Club's engagement with technology and design that sets it apart from Eastern Europe's other major venues. With a minimalist design and a vibe that, according to the club's mission statement, is like "a private party in a big, beautifully furnished apartment", Yalta Club is made up of three areas - The White Room, Make-Up Zone and The Black Room - with various lasers and an LED system that offers enough colour variations to turn a chameleon green with envy (16,000 in total). The icing on the cake, however, is the crystal-clear soundsystem dominated by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez and Victor Calderone just last summer.