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Circus Afterhours

STARTING around 2am and lasting until midday the following day, Circus Afterhours is quite possibly Canada's most hedonistic nightclub - or should we say dayclub? Set within the heart of Montreal's gay village with a circus theme that's difficult to ignore, Circus Afterhours is home to all things wonky. They're top-hatted ringleaders luring sleep-deprived passers-by into the claws of this topsy-turvy extravagant pit full of burlesque performers, spinning a web of twisted magic. In winter, fake ice-covered branches reach out from the ceiling towards outstretched hands, and you'll find devil horns adorning DJ-worshipping clubbers who revel in the sheer irreverence of the whole spectacle.

Offering three rooms blasting electro, tribal and house to the adoring masses, Circus Afterhours boasts a healthy roster of residents regarded as local heroes and brings international talent on a regular basis - the likes of Judge Jules, Prok & Fitch, Umek, Damian Lazarus and John Digweed.