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Beta Waterloo

RECENT upstart Beta Waterloo has been selling out events quicker than Sarah Palin selling cupcakes at a Republican rally in Texas, hence proving that there actually is an electronic music scene in Waterloo. In fact, the region is a fruitful market for up-and-coming clubs as it is inundated with university students eager to party. In Beta's case, kids are drawn by various slick touches - a granite bar and a lighting set-up that recalls that epic scene in Independence Day, this time with ravers on the roof of the skyscraper. Another vital draw is the presence of top-tier DJ talent: Steve Aoki, Sander van Doorn, Bloody Beetroots and Avicii have all played there so far this year, perhaps justifying its catapulting success, entering in at 29 as New Entry in this year's poll.