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Green Valley

BRAZIL'S Green Valley has gone from practically unheard of superclub to the world's third favourite in the space of four years (climbing 50 places in the poll in only twelve months). Why? Well, the club's ruthless booking policy is a good place to start. Handpicking only the most internationally recognised DJ talent - the likes of Guetta, Kaskade, Pete Tong, Sharam and Sander Kleinenberg - is one way of filling this 8000-capacity club with hordes of glammed up Brazilian disco dollies (who are of course guaranteed to attract men). Then there is the question of location - a gigantic tarpaulincovered arena at the foot of a giant valley dense with lush rainforest surrounded by numerous bars on wooden platforms, it's basically a tropical adventure playground for clubbers. Last but not least, let's not forget the pyrotechnics - nitrogen-shooting cannons, skyward paraffin-powered flamethrowers and confetti-explosions fit for a Royal Wedding make for a jaw-dropping spectacle. The guys at Green Valley have considered everything and executed each detail with class, there is even a women's boutique fit for Sloane Square inside the venue to keep the girlies occupied in-between the sensual wiggling and so forth. Loved by swathes of Brazilians who would give their left arm to even set foot through the door, let alone through the rope of VIP sections, The Valley is also doted on by the DJs that step foot in the throne-like booth. Just ask, Eddie Halliwell. "Amazing setting, amazing crowd, amazing atmosphere - one of the most unique venues in the world!" says Eddie. "You have to experience it to believe it."