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FRESH from getting voted 'Best Belgian Club Ever' at I Love Techno last year, Fuse has been bringing techno to Brussels since it opened in 1994 back when R&S was actually run from its hometown. These days, the venue is still flying the flag for techno in mainland Europe, providing a home for occasional showcases for Ostgut Ton and local labels such as Curle. First and foremost recognised as a darkened sweatpit of sorts, its slick recently-refurbished purple-glow bar is more Buck Rogers than an abandoned rave dungeon. Aside from the uber-chic décor, it's Fuse's music policy that's most impressive. More concerned with headline DJs to the scale of Villalobos or Josh Wink than chart-dwellers such as David Guetta, Fuse is arguably Belgium's most notorious club for underground electronic music.