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THIS Ibiza institution's name isn't entirely appropriate. Once experienced, Amnesia, one of the longest-running and most established clubs on the White Isle, is never forgotten. Converted into a disco on the site of a huge old Ibizan finca (country house) back in 1976, it's one of the original clubs on the island and has an illustrious history of ringing some of the most significant changes the dance world has seen, from the European embracing of disco, the growth of new-wave and its evolution into the Balearic sound and early house.

Danny Rampling and co witnessed original Balearic icon Alfredo DJing there in 1987, and excitedly imported that nascent acid house spirit back to the UK. Ever since, the club has grown in stature to become a world-beater, been refurbed and expanded, had roofs added, and become one of the island's absolute must-visit club. From its legendary ice cannons that blast freezing gusts of cooling vapour onto the hot, excitable dancers in the crowd, to its stunning, cavernous interior, to its signature club nights, everything about Amnesia is iconic.

From the soaring main room electro-house riffs of Cream's events, and their guest acts like Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz, to the underground techno flavours of Sven V's rammed Cocoon parties, featuring guest appearances from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Cassy, it's truly dance music in every shade and hue. "Amnesia is all about the people," says Above & Beyond's Paavo. "It's one of the most international crowds you will find. There is a real feeling of history there."