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LOCATED deep beneath the busy streets of Beirut, BO18 has a music policy to match. "It is possibly the coolest, most underground club I have played in for years," says Nick Warren, who's also one half of Way Out West. "Amazing sound system, great crowd and when they open the roof to cool the place down it just increases the vibe. I love this place."

Indeed, arguably the club's most impressive feature is its moveable, star-unveiling roof, and there is also a massive mirror positioned at a 50-degree angle to reflect the city's lights inside. But, while BO18 is by no means short of gimmickry, the club's most prevailing feature is the club's engagement with wartime memorabilia. Located in an area where a refugee camp used to house 20,000 evacuees during the Lebanese Civil War, BO18 is basically a mock bomb shelter within which clubbers drink at tables made of coffins. Now there's nothing quite like a light-hearted bevvy over a coffin, is there?