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THERE are many cities around the world renowned for their house heritage but Mantova certainly isn't one of them; it's best known as the birthplace of opera and the city where Shakespeare banished Romeo. Yet turning this history of classical romanticism to house, Moxa Club deserves a reputation for dedication equal to that of any better known metropolis.

Attracting original US innovators from Lil Louis and Frankie Knuckles to Masters At Work's Lil' Louis Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez, who chose the venue to perform a rare back-to-back set, and younger acolytes like Tom Trago and Todd Terje, not a beat is out of place when it comes to worshipping at the altar of proper house music.

"Moxa is a place where the guests really show attention, patience and respect to follow a DJ's set way down and up," Tom Trago tells us. "You can really play deep stuff there."