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AN actual converted industrial silo - normally used for storing vast quantities of coal or grain, not hundreds of sweaty, techno-pummelled ravers - keeping it strictly underground has always been Belgian electronic bastion Silo's modus operandi. Booking all the essential names from across the spectrums of techno, drum & bass and house, from Seth Troxler's Visionquest collective to Anja Schneider, Booka Shade, Netsky, Total Science and Michael Mayer, as well as hosting label nights from Kompakt, Cocoon and Made To Play, the club's gritty, no-nonsense line-ups were complemented by the raw, stark warehouse space of the venue itself.

Sadly though, on going to press, DJmag discovered Silo is due to be closed, with the promoters behind it currently looking for another venue to reopen elsewhere. "I only can say that when I played there for the first time, I was impressed by the venue," Ben Klock raves. "The soundsystem, the great DJ booth, the crowd and the nice promoter, I really loved it. It was Christmas 2009 and one of the best parties I had that year."

"I'm very sad that another great club has to close," laments Mathias Kaden. "I enjoyed playing at Silo a lot! A great atmosphere and an amazing crowd." DJmag hopes that Silo will be resurrected in a new form in Leuven soon?