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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs
Bed Supperclub

HARDCORE ravers may baulk at the idea of a club that brags about its "dining in bed" experience - after all, lying down and scoffing posh grub is hardly the stuff of peak-time hedonism and mind-mangling basslines. Surely a club that boasts "In BED you take your shoes off, lay down and you're at home" can't be conducive to laying down some killer moves? But it's what happens next that has elevated Bangkok's state-of-the-art Bed Supperclub to the upper reaches of the chart. Its pristine all-white décor and fusion of restaurant, bar, theatre, art gallery and uber-relaxed lounge might sound like the sort of place you could get overly comfortable in and doze off, but the DJs that play each evening, once the restaurant service has finished, are far more liable to blow your socks off than tuck you up for a nap. Previous guests have included Stanton Warriors, Kenny Dope, Timo Maas, Zinc, Chuckie, Sinden and Layo & Bushwacka! - the cream of the crop in their respective fields, basically. And when all the raving gets too much, you can always lie down and have a quick 40 winks?