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SOME clubs don't need to shout about themselves. Their sheer magnetism draws in the punters, press and plaudits like moths to a flame. In a city - unusually for the Middle East - as awash with cool clubs as Beirut, Skybar is quite literally head and shoulders above the rest.

Open to the heavens at the top of the skyscraping Biel building, with a panoramic view of the urban landscape all around, its spectacular location is but one of its myriad charms. Clubbers eat to the beat, drink and dance to a commercial procession of R&B and hip-hop mega stars, with the odd electro house DJ thrown in the mix occasionally, too: Kelis, Tinie Tempah and 50 Cent recently played here.

Decidedly at odds with the purist house and techno offered by Beirut's more underground clubs, Skybar clearly has a different set of priorities. Don't expect a sweaty, sexy warehouse vibe here - do expect acrobats and flamethrowers?