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Zouk Kuala Lumpur

YOU can't get much higher than at the Petronas Twin Towers, previously the tallest buildings in the world, so it's appropriate that they provide the backdrop to Zouk, Kuala Lumpur.

Spawned in 2004 from its Singapore namesake, the club reflects Asian technological dominance, its LED and plasma screens dazzling dancers, and accentuated by lighting designed by Sebastian Jurkowski, who cut his teeth in Paris' most chic discos. Yet that's just in the eponymous main room, which has played host to DJs as diverse as Ti?o, David Morales, and Dimitri From Paris. The Velvet Underground provides exactly the kind of plush area you'd expect for older, showier clubbers, third room Phuture has evolved into a separate two floored venue, while Artisto is the members only VIP section. Add in Barsonic, the underground friendly floor for youthful experimentation, and the multipurpose terrace, and you get the feeling Zouk might well have been inspired by the ambitious scale of the towering neighbours.