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BRAZIL is perhaps the biggest growing market for electronic dance music in the world. Though the country has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to its native styles, like samba, bossa nova and MPB, and latterly, funk Carioca, it's only recently, with the advent of clubs including Sirena, Warung, D-Edge and Green Valley, that it's become a world-class clubbing destination. Time to add Cuiab? Garage to that list. Located in Brazil's central western region Mato Grasso - in the exact centre of South America - Garage invites only the best names in tech house, techno and prog to rock its fresh environs, from Layo & Bushwacka! to Phonique, Joris Voorn and Vitalic, as well as the best local names, including Gui Boratto and Renato Cohen.

Proudly boasting an audio-visual set-up designed by Lonardi Don?connected to an ultramodern Madrix software system (the first of its kind in South America), and a biometric entry system that scans member's fingertips to ensure quick entry into the club, Garage is a club of the future.