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La Cova Forest Club

THERE may be plenty of underground clubs in the Top 100, but there aren't many that are literally under the ground - certainly not in the same way that La Cova Forest Club in Corbera, Barcelona, is. Set in the enclosure of a huge cave, La Cova's array of lights and power system make it more high-tech than even Batman's lair, while its rough stone walls exude a natural beauty no amount of industrial styling can match.

Were it not the enduring product of thousands of years of geological development, we might be worried that the club's soundtrack includes dance music's most earth-shaking sounds, from the booming drum & bass of acts like Aphrodite and Sub Zero through to the industrial techno of Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss, even taking in schranz, the hardest of hard styles. But then having been used since Word War Two (though admittedly then as a munitions dump), there's no doubt that the 1200-capacity La Cova is an elemental force that isn't going anywhere.