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Sub Club

FOLLOWING the emotional farewell to Optimo's 13-year-long Sunday residency last April, Sub Club picked itself up, dusted itself off and held forth with the true-grit determination expected of any Glaswegian during a time of distress. The disappointment can't have lasted too long, though. The Optimo boys came straight back with Hung Up! - a Sunday night residency curated by the DJ duo. On top of that, Harri & Domenic's Subculture is still going strong on a Saturday, while the Sensu promotion has continued to come to the fore, helping curate the Electric Frog street party last summer. Top-draw bass imprint Numbers also holds a residency for the simple reason headman Jackmaster absolutely loves it. "Numbers at the Sub Club is my favourite place to play in the world," he says. Well, there you have it.