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Plastic People

FIRMLY wedged in the plaid-ridden, skinny jean-infested climes of Shoreditch, Plastic People is not to be written off as a walking ground for vintage store-loving fashionistas more concerned with angular hairstyles and flash-in-the-pan alt. music tastes. Don't get us wrong, there are trends to be found here, sure (no Shoreditch venue can be completely immune to a spot of tweed-suit posturing, these days), but Plastic's main vibe is always about the music. Responsible for a number of London's key f agship events (namely's pulse-giving dubstep night FWD and Ali Tillett's genre-ticking residency Warm), this venue's real spirit is its soundsystem. Harbouring Funktion Ones deep-set in the walls of this 400-cap room, practically pitch-black (save for the glow of the fire exit sign), Plastic's exquisite sound is the reason people return week-in-week-out - not forgetting the guaranteed shouldersdown, knee-bending joy on offer, of course. Despite a tussle over licensing issues with Hackney Council in the summer of last year and a recent paint job on the bogs, Plastic People is still going strong, maintaining its role as the heart that pumps the blood through East London's nightlife.