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Sullivan Room

CELEBRATING its ninth birthday this year, New York's Sullivan Room is a hardened survivor of NYC nightlife's tough times, a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of owner Sergei Sklyarenko and his team whose irrepressible drive and take-no-bullshit attitude sums up the core of the Big Apple, and carries the torch of the party spirit of pre-Giuliani days. The venue itself, located nearby to the iconic Greenwich Village, has been winning awards since 2003 ('Best Dancefloor' from NY Mag in case you're wondering), while re-fits a few years ago expanded both the club capacity and its soundsystem, making it perfect for top techno talent such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig and Jeff Mills as well as visiting Brits such as Goldie, Tom Middleton and Way Out West. Despite continued hassle from the authorities, a decade of providing the fi nest in dance is now in reach.