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Studio Martin

A cinema by day and trippy discotheque by night, Studio Martin has existed as the daddy of the Romanian electronic scene for the past 16 years or so. However, while it's been threatened by new additions to the scene (perhaps reflected within its 64-place slide down the poll this year) in recent years, Studio Martin's impressive history is one thing the newbies can never take away from it. Seminal DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills and Derrick May had their Romanian debut at Studio Martin and James Lavelle recorded his 'Romania' instalment of the Global Underground series here. Perpetually competing with rival Club Kristal, healthy competition has coerced both clubs to heighten the clubbing experience both in terms of line-up and spectacle. With this in mind, Studio Martin's gameplan has hinged on its forward-thinking music policy, bringing the likes of Roman Flϋgel, Cosmin Trg and Levon Vincent to the club last month alone.