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WITH a name suggesting that they're more than conversant with neon-drenched youth culture, Calgary's Friday night rave box, OMFG, comes built upon the trending sounds of fidget, electro and dubstep, plus the more established genres of hip-hop, drum and bass and other crunchy electronic beats. With these the mainstay of hip bloggers the world over, the club hasn't missed a trick, its own iloveomfg. com getting in on the act by giving away free tracks, mixes and even sample packs for teenage bedroom producers, while a merchandising arm, coming soon, displays a savvy appreciation of the music industry's modern modes of income.

Most forward thinking of all, however, is the club's formation of its own agency, with residents such as Drama Diabolos, Aquarius and Gnarcotics joining guests like scratch king Klevver, ear shredder AC Slater and Dim Mak masters of distortion, Villains, who headline a special OMFG! Mega Fest on 27th August.