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He might have been talking about another Privilege, but the almost unbelievably vast size of the world's biggest club (according to official arbiters, the Guinness Book Of Records) might still deserve Michael Winner patronisingly telling first-timers to 'calm down dear'. Once upon a time, it was just a restaurant called Ku, but Privilege now boasts 25-metre-high ceilings and an indoor pool. Such surroundings have proved perfect over its illustrious history to host defining events such as the debauched shows of the infamous Manumission in the '90s, where the likes of Fatboy Slim rose to superstar status, while promoters Mike and Claire had sex on stage for kicks, or for former Top 100 DJs No.1 Tiësto to reach his swathes of fans. With Godskitchen, Sheffield powerhouse Gatecrasher and Supermartxe also in the mix, checking out this Ibiza institution isn't just a privilege; it's a rite too.