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Row 14

The highest new entry in this year's new poll, Row 14 has clearly made quite an impression over the past 12 months, rocketing in at No.17.

Not that it's brand-new; opening in 2009 off a dusty freeway in Barcelona, its newfound recognition among knowledgeable house and techno heads can largely be attributed to its Sunday afternoon party El Row, host to the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice since setting up shortly after Sonar in 2010.

Revered in the city for bringing the wonky hedonism of DC10 together with the wild playfulness of Bangface, the use of a retractable roof and a skip-load of Pound Land party paraphernalia is always enough to raise Row 14's sultry atmosphere to volcanic levels, winning plenty of hearts in the process.