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Green Valley

Sat on the jungle mantle of Camboriu - Brazil's newfound answer to Ibiza, already home to Warung, with Space to follow soon - Green Valley arrived five years ago to stamp its authority on an up-and-coming Brazilian club circuit. And this year, its hard work has been rewarded with penultimate placement at the top of this poll, the highest achievement of all the Americas.

For the uninitiated, the reasons for this club's unbridled success may be a mystery, but those who have been understand exactly why. Rigged with a lunar launch-pad of show-stopping lights, stunning LED visuals and paraffin-fuelled pyrotechnics, there is nothing understated about this giant colosseum buried in the middle of the rainforest. Then there's the stature of the DJs that play here, week in, week out: only the most immense names in the business make the cut.

Cited by both Armin and Axwell as "the best club in the world", it's rightfully got the industry vote, but a DJ's enjoyment wouldn't matter one iota if it wasn't for the people they play to. Green Valley's emphatic and infectious 8,000-strong-crowd, made up of immaculately-dressed Brazilians ready to party until past sunrise, offers the stuff of memories that DJs will carry for a lifetime.

"I've been a few places, but there is no place like Green Valley, not even one!" Axwell confirms. Indeed, it'll take a heck of a lot to beat it.