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Castle Club

Opened in 1988, owner Tasos Kritikos originally lived in Castle Club. But 24 year later, there's no room for white goods, as it's grown into Aiya Napa's largest club, boasting 14 bars and nine resident DJs across its three rooms of music. This being a well-known party destination for young kids making their first pilgrimage abroad, there's a wide range of tastes catered for. The Urban Fusion room lays down r&b, dancehall, ragga and even funky, while the Nu Disco room is built around party classics rather than obscure Revenge re-edits. It's Revolution, however, with its suspended cages for dressed-to-sweat dancers, that's the largest pull, pumping out trance, house and progressive all summer long. And if you fancy getting in on the DJ action whilst soaking up a bit of the island's enviable sun, Castle Club also runs a DJ academy dedicated to helping even the most inexperienced novice.