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Londoners are apt to bang on about their own material monikered nightclub, but you've not experienced the sheer scale of afternoon-to-evening warehouse-styled clubbing until you've hit the arid outskirts of Madrid and thrown a K into the mix.

It's not just the aircraft hangar dimensions of the main room, which sports carefully choreographed stage shows, matched to the visuals and flyers, around the DJs, drawn from the cream of global house and techno acts, with everyone from Plastikman to Fatboy Slim having looked down on the distant crowd, or the giant engulfing ice cannons and lasers. It's the scale of the entire club, which takes advantage of its site in an industrial estate on the city's outskirts.

With a second room equal to the capacity of most other clubs, a third room in a kind of rave greenhouse and VIPs on a double decker bus in the sprawling outside area, which also sports shaded beds, a water slide and ducks (yep, ducks), there's plenty for spangled party-goers to explore. You can even visit the shop to purchase a branded towel to dry off if the heat gets too much, or grab yourself a pizza from one of the multiple food outlets. And with brands such as Supermartxe, CODE, Vertigo and the Sunday-to-Monday carnival of Goa all in residence, there's no excuse not to make a day and night of Fabrik.