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Asylum Afterhours

Hawaii: an idyllic, paradisiacal destination beyond the reach of most of us. But a club culture hub, bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? You having a laugh? No, we're deadly serious, and Asylum, the ultra-cool, word-of-mouth, underground venue in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is leading the charge.

Its myth precedes it, but the reality? A bizarro world labyrinth of rooms with cool, freaky artistic touches, run by an impassioned group of DJs and promoters, Asylum books heavyweights like Claude VonStroke, DJ T, Juan Atkins, Tanner Ross and Heartthrob and is responsible for the growing popularity of real dance music (i.e. not the cheesy chart-friendly bollocks) across the state.

With a dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable crowd, it's become a must-visit spot for the most intrepid night owls around the globe.

Check the four-page feature in our March issue just gone.