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Venture to London Bridge on the weekend, steal beneath one particular railway arch - you'll know which one; the bass will be booming out, leading you there, Pied Piper-style - and you'll be in Cable, South London's temple of drum & bass and dubstep. Though they occasionally revert from formula to host more techno and house-oriented nights, it's mostly about chattering drum breaks and skeleton-rattling sub-lows here. From We Fear Silence's weekly Friday sessions that bring together the biggest names in bass, grime and two-step, to breaks dons Stanton Warriors' Stanton Sessions, it's cutting-edge, underground and proper. The location, too, helps, with its warehouse ambience intensifying the vibe.

Now featuring a VIP attic area, a sister venue, Relay, and a tweaked soundsystem, Cable is jostling for position as one of London's best clubs for those who really know?