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One of the undisputed big names of the UK club scene, with clubs in Birmingham, Nottingham and Watford, Gatecrasher's rave roots go back to the early '90s.

While Gatecrasher's genuine home is Sheffield (at Gatecrasher One), its spiritual ties are Brummie, considering it's where Scott Bond, the father of the brand, cut his teeth; and, today, that's where it burns brightest. Four rooms open six days a week, and are home to some of the world's most advanced lighting equipment and a juggernaut of a soundsystem to top things off (not forgetting the 15ft mirrorball DJ booth). It's a church reserved only for clubbers with a flavour for the biggest beats danceland has to offer, so it's no surprise Paul Van Dyk is a fan too.

"It truly is one of the best clubs in Europe, and has a phenomenal crowd," he says.